It's NOT SUSTAINABLE to be unsustainable

Environmental & Social Governance

design ethics

Where environmental responsibility meets high quality and timeless style lies ALTHYREA’s design philosophy. 

We acknowledge women who share a deep connection with nature who refuse to ignore the current environmental and social issues our planet faces. They know that buying less is a smarter choice.
Marrying the practical and the beautiful, we design essentials with our go-with-anything key wardrobe staples.

Circularity is the driving force behind our creative process – we want our products to receive a new lease of life at the end of their journey and never end up in a landfill. 


Every outstanding product starts with exceptional fabrics, and ALTHYREA’S collection is a case in point. The sourcing process is guided by prioritizing natural, biodegradable fibers and using less natural resources.

Most large apparel companies aim for big profit and use petroleum-based fabrics like polyester and nylon – we never will. Polyester is made from a polymer which is essentially plastic. Most people do not know the terrible consequences of their fast fashion choices.

Material Sourcing

Our aim is that our materials come with relevant critical certifications, including Responsible Wool Standard, OEKO-TEX®, Global Organic Textile Standard, ZQ Merino, BlueSign, and traceable cashmere and more.

 Our commitment to the exclusive use of these high-quality fabrics allows us to create made-to-last pieces with high animal welfare and environmental standards in mind that you can trust and enjoy for countless seasons to come.


Respect is at the core of any fruitful partnership – that’s why we extend the respect we have for the environment to our local manufacturers and craftspeople as well.

Believing that any revolutionary change is a joint effort, we seek out like-minded professionals and companies who share our values. All our products are made in Canada and the USA in ethical, clean, safe working conditions, where the employees are fairly compensated.


We know you want better, not more waste, so we offer to repair and repurpose your gently used clothing. Simply send back to us or donate. Find a local online reduce, repair, reuse organization or bring to your local thrift store.

We are just beginning our circular business model but we know that this transparent and accountable approach keeps us firmly on track towards a sustainable future.