About the Brand

Our Brand

Althyrea is a brand born out of a deep commitment to sustainability and an unwavering love for the planet.
Crafted for the woman who values the Earth as much as her style, Althyrea caters to the conscious consumer who understands the profound impact of her fashion choices. Steering clear of trends and fast fashion, the Althyrean woman embraces a timeless style that transcends fleeting fads, conscious that each piece she invests in won't end up contributing to landfill waste. Rooted in values that intertwine self-care and earth care, she finds solace in practices such as meditation and yoga, complemented by an appreciation for local craftsmanship.
Our commitment to quality extends to sourcing high-quality European fabrics with stringent sustainable certifications, such as responsibly sourced wool from regenerative farms and mills powered solely by solar energy. Our styles draw inspiration from the beauty of nature, with unique prints reflecting water, hummingbirds, and native healing plants.
Setting ourselves apart from mass consumer brands, Althyrea focuses on special details and operates within a circular business model, offering product take-back and repair services. Committed to giving back, we proudly support 1% for the Planet and collaborate with local environmental and wildlife organizations.